For Teachers

We've partnered with some organisations and platforms that do incredible work in schools. The resources on this page are designed to stimulate conversations about money in the classroom and get your students learning in fun and hands-on ways.

Use these resources to help you plan lessons, engage students in practical activities and start conversations that will continue well after the competition is over.

For the younger students

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For older students

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The Sorted in Schools Teachers Hub

Find tools in both English and te reo Māori to help you implement financial capability into your classroom, from implementing a school-wide programme to a range of strategies to integrate into your planning.

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Discover how to build an engaging and inspiring financial literacy programme for Years 9 – 13 students

Check out Teacher Pathways to help you get started.  Each pathway focuses on different ways of teaching financial capability to suit a wide variety of approaches. 

  • NZC single learning areas 

  • Ako/Whānau approach 

  • Example planners  

The NCEA Toolkit outlines the learning and assessment resources that have been developed for senior secondary students.  These resources ensure that students are set up to make good future financial decisions. 

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Money Talks conversation starter cards

Our Money Talks conversation cards, originally developed for the FSC's It Starts With Action campaign to grow women's financial wellbeing, are a great way to start the conversation about money in your classroom.