Money worries are impacting our mental health

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27 September, 2021

We all know mental health is complex; there are many factors that impact it. But did you know that your finances are one of them? At least, that's what the research shows.

The Financial Resilience Index

The FSC's Financial Resilience Index tracks five key indicators:

  1. financial confidence
  2. financial literacy
  3. financial preparedness
  4. job security
  5. wellbeing

What did the research find?

The latest data had some interesting findings. 

  • 77% of New Zealanders under 37 worry about money daily, weekly or monthly - that's over three quarters of young Kiwis.
  • Only 44% of New Zealanders feel they're prepared for retirement. 
  • 56% of Kiwis feel financial issues have adversely affected their mental health. 

The report also found that money worries are impacting our physical health, relationships with friends and family, and overall wellbeing. 

Read the full research report here.


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