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8 November, 2021

From blogs and books to podcasts and online tools, the personal finance resources below are designed to help you embark on your own personal journey towards financial wellbeing.

The resources listed on this page and ones that you can use to do your own research into money-related topics.

*This list was last updated on June 2024.

Looking for financial advice?

If you are looking for help with your finances, you may want to consider financial advice, in which case we recommend you approach a trusted registered financial adviser.

You can find out more about financial advice and how to find a financial adviser on our blog: What is financial advice?

General resources 

There are some great online resources out there for Kiwis who are looking to manage their money better or learn more about particular topics.  

  • Financial Markets Authority – the FMA’s YouTube channel provides helpful videos explaining investment basics, KiwiSaver and more.  

  • He Reo Whairawa – A vocabulary of 100 wealth and investment terms designed to help you discuss financial matters in Te Reo Māori.  

  • Inland Revenue – the IRD provides factual, current information about KiwiSaverincome taxsupport for families and more.  

  • – an independent resource that covers the latest Business news, as well as issues important to Kiwis including mortgages, KiwiSaver, credit cards, term deposits, property, insurance, banks, finance companies and personal loans.  

  • Life-Info – an independent guide to life insurance in New Zealand. Compare types of life insurance and read their blog for tips and advice about navigating this subject.  

  • Money and You – that's us! An initiative of the Financial Services Council including tips, conversations and resources to grow your financial confidence and wellbeing.  

  • MoneyTalks - provides resources for those just starting out on their personal finance journey, including a budget worksheet, a financial plan of action and handy tips for making cheap eats.  

  • Sorted – tools, guides and resources for budgeting, retirement planning, managing your debt, investing and much more. 

  • Work and Income – this government site lets you know what financial support you may be entitled to and how it works.  


FSC member resources 

Helpful resources provided by Financial Services Council members:

Money books & magazines

Personal finance books written by finance writers and experts are great for people who digest information by reading. Always be mindful that the world of finance is constantly changing, so while some advice in books and magazines is timeless, other advice may only be relevant at a particular time. 

  • Informed Investor Magazine (formerly Juno magazine): This quarterly magazine aims to simplify investing through insightful articles from financial experts about topics as wide-ranging as debt, retirement, mental health, property, investing during a pandemic and the psychology behind money. Many articles are also available online.

  • Rich enough? A laid-back guide for every Kiwi - Mary Holm: Mary Holm is one of New Zealand’s leading financial journalists, running a regular column in the NZ Herald answering readers’ questions about money issues and hosts the Your Money podcast on RNZ. In this book she offers some advice from her years in the field that is easy to understand.  

  • Tales from a financial hot mess – Frances Cook: Frances Cook is a journalist and podcast studio manager at the NZ Herald who runs the popular personal finance podcast Cooking the Books. Her book is all about her own journey from being a spender to someone who saves and invests for her future. She’s not a financial adviser, but her journey is inspiring and she includes advice from financial experts throughout.

  • Girls that Invest - Simran Kaur: Simran Kaur is the host of the popular investing education podcast Girls that Invest, and has created a step-by-step guide to financial independence for women in particular. 

  • The Barefoot Investor – Scott Pape: This book took the Australian best-seller lists by storm. Using a simple, easy-to-understand formula that works for everyday people, Scott Pape makes personal finance fun. Not everything in here is applicable to New Zealanders, but it’s a good read with plenty of valuable tips that apply to anyone interested in becoming better with their money.  

  • The Joy of Money: The Australian Woman’s Guide to Financial Independence – Kate McCallum & Julia Newbould: This book is also written for Aussies, but there are a tonne of valuable insights and lessons, along with practical tools and exercises that Kiwi women can also benefit from. Kate is an award-winning practitioner and Director of Multiforte Financial Services, while Julia is a finance writer and journalist currently editor-at-large for Money Magazine. Give this a read to rediscover the joy of financial independence.

Personal finance podcasts from New Zealand

  • Cooking the Books - Journalist Frances Cook interviews experts to help listeners make better money decisions - using language all of us can understand.

  • Girls that Invest - an extremely popular podcast about all things investing and growing wealth targeted at New Zealand women.

  • On Track with Milford Asset Management - the Milford Asset Management team have produced a series of episodes for women's wealth, KiwiSaver and provide weekly economic updates.

  • It's No Secret - hosted by a Kiwi-Aussie duo on a mission to encourage all New Zealanders to talk more freely about money and how you can actually create your dream life. 

  • Māori Millionaire - The Māori Millionaire Podcast has helped thousands of Māori learn how to better manage their pūtea.

  • Money Talks – Well-known Kiwis share their best and worst money stories.  

  • Newstalk ZB’s Smart Money -  Industry experts give their top tips on a range of topics. 

  • The Curve -  A podcast  safe space for women to get investment-savvy, without the noise and confusion

  • The NZ Everyday Investor - Hosted by authorised financial adviser Darcy Ungaro, this podcast aims to make financial knowledge more accessible to everyday Kiwis.  

  • Your Money with Mary Holm - This RNZ podcast hosted by well-known Kiwi money expert Mary Holm gives tips and advice on a range of money topics. 

Money resources for kids 

  • ASB Teen Banking - helpful tips for teenagers wanting to improve their saving and spending habits, get their first part time job and bank online. Featuring personal money tips from other teens and easy-to-follow info, it's a resource you can point your older kids towards. 

  • Banqer app - Banqer is a financial education tool for primary, intermediate and high school students that lets them engage with financial concepts in a safe and fun way.   

  • MoneyTime MoneyTime is a gamified, online financial literacy programme for students in years 7-8, that provides an introduction to managing money before students start Sorted for Schools.
  • Sorted in Schools - A free, government-funded financial capability programme fully aligned to the New Zealand Curriculum. 

  • Westpac Youth Financial Education - if you’re struggling to explain banking and other finance concepts to your teenagers, this online resource can do it for you. Westpac’s tools and resources can help your kids with a budget, set savings goals and track their spending.  

Financial harm resources

Specialist helplines

For men

Places to go

In immediate danger?

Call 111, and press 55 if unsafe to speak.

Other resources 

Personal finance isn’t just about money – there are a whole range of other subjects that come into play, from legal matters to the property market, mental and physical wellbeing and online safety.  

  • Law Society – Some useful resources on common legal issues that arise in situations of buying and selling property, going into business and so on. 

  • Cert NZ - practical guidance on how to keep your money safe and secure online.

  • NetSafe – learn how to stay safe online and how to know if you’ve been targeted by online scammers.  

  • The NZ Property Market Podcast – this podcast from CoreLogic delivers the latest news, data and insights from New Zealand’s residential property market.  

This information is general information only. It is not intended to constitute financial advice and does not take your individual circumstances and financial situation into account. We encourage you to seek assistance from a trusted financial adviser or other professional advice.

The links that are provided or names of third parties are additional resources that you access at your own risk and the FSC takes no responsibility for any third party content.

The FSC and its employees make no express or implied representations or give any warranties regarding this information and we accept no responsibility for any loss, damage, cost, or expense (whether direct or indirect) incurred by you as a result of any error, omission, or misrepresentation in this information.

4 November 2021. 

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