CERT NZ encourages Kiwis to 'Cyber UP'

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21 October, 2021

Money and You is supporting this year's Cyber Smart Week campaign, which is encouraging Kiwis to 'Cyber UP' to better protect themselves from cyber scams and fraud. 

This Cyber Smart Week, 18-24 October 2021, CERT NZ is encouraging us to Cyber UP to better protect our information and our money online.  


CERT NZ is sharing four key tips to help you better protect yourself and your money online:

1. Upsize your passwords

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Long and strong passwords are much harder for attackers to crack. CERT NZ recommends creating a passphrase, which is a string of four or more words. This is easier to remember and also stronger than a random mix of letters, numbers and symbols.

It’s also important to use different passwords on each account. If an attacker gets hold of one of your passwords, they can’t get access to all of your other accounts. It also means you only have to change the password for that one account.

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2. Upgrade to Two-factor authentication

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Upgrading to two-factor authentication (2FA) adds another layer of security to your accounts.

It’s a simple extra step after you log in, like using your thumb print or entering a code from an app. You can enable 2FA on most of your online accounts, and your devices. You’ll usually find the option to turn it on in the privacy settings. 

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3. Uphold your privacy

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The information you share could enable attackers to impersonate you online or even try to steal your identity.

Start by checking that your social media settings are switched to Friends Only, and check that any requests for personal information are legitimate before you share your details. If a company or business asks you for information, think about why they might need it. Do they really need your middle name and phone number? If you’re not sure, don’t provide the information.

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4. Update your apps and devices

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Updating your apps and devices helps keeps bugs and viruses out. Updates not only add new features, they also fix security risks that attackers can use to gain access to your information.

Set updates to happen automatically whenever a new version is available. Then you don’t have to think about it!

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